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Daily Workshops

Ballet, Vaganova Method

- classical ballet repertoire,

- Pointe technique 

Character Dance and repertoire

“Speak with your arms”   

port de bras technique by Irina Lerman

Floor barre—Knyazev's technique


Contemporary class & repertoire


Neoclassical class & repertoire


Original choreography by Irina Lerman and Jera Wolfe


Individual Coaching and Guest Teachers


+ Networking opportunities


🔹 Choreography

Irina Lerman will create new work and all participating dancers will be considered for future paid projects.

🔹 Repertoire

from the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, and original works by choreographers Irina Lerman and Jera Wolfe


at Winchester Street Theatre on July 27th (including repertoire learned in each discipline, new work choreographed during the intensive )

🔹 Individual coaching

daily opportunity to receive individual coaching by Irina Lerman and faculty 

🔹 Professional Video

Free for dancers to use for auditions, portfolios, and future projects!

🔹 Custom Package option

allows you to create your own schedule based on your daily availability. Contact the intensive for more details.


Introducing the Intermediate Division for 2023!


This division is for dance students of an intermediate level.

While Intermediate Division students will participate in the intensive alongside the Advanced and Professional dancers, they will receive separate technical training from Irina Lerman and the faculty appropriate for their level of technical and artistic ability.


Dancers will also join some classes with the Advanced level and will have the chance to watch, be inspired by, and perform with the Advanced and Professional dancers.


This program is designed for dancers 12 and up, with a minimum of 2-3 years of dance training

in ballet or contemporary.

Daily Classes, Workshops, and Rehearsals:

Monday to Friday

In-studio Showing

Performance with Audience  


  Focus of the intensive:

  • Regaining confidence & strength after 2 years of pandemic

  • Developing artistry

  • Performance and expression

  • Technical training, Vaganova method, including special tips & tricks

  • Learning to speak with your body

  • Understanding how to stay in shape in all circumstances

  • Staying connected to your authentic identity

  • Perseverance and continued growth as an artist

  • Workshops in a variety of disciplines

  • Open dialogue between dancers and faculty about any questions regarding art and career

Who is this Summer Intensive for?


Professional artists

seeking further development of their craft in multiple disciplines, especially artistry and performance


Recent graduates

ready to take their first steps in a professional dance environment

Dance students

near the end of their education that are already seeking new artistic challenges or more training in specific disciplines that we offer

AND past students with a strong foundation in classical or contemporary, ready to work at an intermediate/advanced level



          "Your arsenal of knowledge and skills is never truly full: as an artist, your work is a continuous reach towards the most honest expression of emotions through refined movements. The greater your collection of skills and experiences, the better you can share the gift of your art with others, while achieving your best physical and mental shape."

  Irina Lerman

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PRIMA Package  (full 9 days):        July 17th - 27th, 10:00am - 4:30pm                            $675 + HST          $667.96

Short Program Package:               July 17th - 27th, 10:00am - 2:45pm                            $500 + HST            $494.85

Morning Package:                          July 17th - 27th, 10:00am - 1:15pm                            $390 + HST         $386.04

5-Day Package:                                      July 17th - 21th, 10:00am - 4:30pm                           $400 + HST         $395.94

4-Day Package:                                      July  24th - 27th, 10:00am - 4:30pm                          $325 + HST            $321.75 

5-Day Short Program:                        July 17th - 21th, 10:00am - 2:45pm                          $300 + HST         $297.02

5-Day Morning Program:                 July 17th - 21th, 10:00am - 1:15pm                           $225 + HST         $222.83

To request a Custom Package suited to your schedule, please contact us at

Drop-in Pricing
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