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To request a Custom Package suited to your schedule, please contact us at

Classical Repertoire 


1st Week, July  17th to 21st

Advanced Level

Female - Swan Lake - Pas de Trois Variation 

Male - Swan Lake - Pas de Trois Variation


Intermediate Level

Female - Sleeping Beauty - The Fairy of Tenderness 

Male - Harlequinade - Variation (adapted)


️2nd Week️, July 24th to 27th

Advanced Level 

Female - Swan Lake - Big Swans

Male - Swan Lake - Excerpts from the ballet


Intermediate Level

Female - Swan Lake - Big Swans

Male - Harlequinade - Excerpts from the ballet


1st and 2nd Weeks, July 17th to 27th

Character Dance 

Advanced and Intermediate Levels - Don Quixote - Seguidilla


Advanced and Intermediate Levels - Exiled Hope. After...

Choreography by Irina Lerman


Advanced and Intermediate Levels - Jera Wolfe's Workshop

New Neoclassical Creation

by Irina Lerman for all participants 

The schedule is subject to change.

The program will be adjusted based on the needs of participants and their technical level.️

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