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Drop-in Workshops now available!

*Please fill out the registration form in order to participate in drop-in workshops. Contact us if you have any questions or need accommodations:

For drop-in pricing please click here.
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"I would like to share my 11+ years

of professional experience with emerging and professional artists.

And to help accelerate their path towards their greatest artistic goals. Time is precious for an artist."

Irina Lerman

9 days of:

Ballet, Classical ballet repertoire, Advanced pointe work

Character dance and repertoire

“Speaking with the arms”   

port de bras technique, Floor barre—Knyazev's technique


Contemporary class, Contemporary repertoire

(including Irina Lerman's and Jera Wolfe's original choreography)

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  • Technical training, Vaganova method, including special tips and tricks

  • Learning to speak with your body

  • Developing artistry

  • Performance and expression

  • Understanding how to stay in shape in all circumstances

  • Staying connected to your authentic identity

  • Perseverance and continued growth as an artist

  • Workshops in a variety of disciplines

Who is this Summer Intensive for?


Professional artists

seeking further development of their craft in multiple disciplines, especially artistry and performance


Recent graduates

ready to take their first steps in a professional dance environment

Dance students

near the end of their education that are already seeking new artistic challenges or more training in specific disciplines that we offer

AND past students with a strong foundation in classical or contemporary, ready to work at an intermediate/advanced level



          "Your arsenal of knowledge and skills is never truly full: as an artist, your work is a continuous reach towards the most honest expression of emotions through refined movements. The greater your collection of skills and experiences, the better you can share the gift of your art with others, while achieving your best physical and mental shape."

  Irina Lerman


PRIMA Package  (full 9 days):    June 20th - 30th                                                   $675 + HST


5-Day Package:     June 20th - 24th                                                                               $400 + HST


4-Day Package:     June 27th - 30th                                                                               $325  +HST

A Message from our Founder

      It is of utmost importance to understand how to present yourself on stage, while remaining authentic to your unique identity, and to be able to accomplish this through movement. To become a remarkable professional dancer one needs to master self-control, discipline, dedication, and drive towards your dreams. During the Artistry and Performance Summer Intensive in Ballet with Irina Lerman I will focus on putting each participant on this path, with the help of my carefully selected team of teachers.  See Faculty Page here


     Both professional dancers and emerging professionals in ballet and contemporary will find my program useful, inspiring, and motivating. I’m excited for the opportunity to share my experience, knowledge, training, and repertoire imparted to me by my renowned teachers and my extensive work at ballet companies throughout my career.


    The process of studying to become a ballet artist in school and working as a professional ballet artist are two very different things. At the beginning of your professional journey, there are a lot of unknowns; your abilities have yet to crystallize and your mind has yet to explore many potentials for self-realization. With time you gain the keys to open more and more doors to creative and artistic opportunities. Just don’t fear and keep going!

     During this 9 day summer intensive you will have the opportunity to ask questions like–“what does it mean to be a great dancer and artist? What does that mean for a company director?”–and any other questions that have become important along your journey. My role in this summer intensive is to be your guide towards a more fulfilling career in dance.

I cannot wait to see you at my very first summer intensive this June!

Irina Lerman

Packages after HST for e-transfer payment:

PRIMA Package  (full 9 days):          June 20th - 30th, 10:00am - 4:30pm                   $762.75    $675
     Short Program Package:                 June 20th - 30th, 10:00am - 2:45pm                   $565.00    $500     
Morning Package:                            June 20th - 30th, 10:00am - 1:15pm                          $440.70    $390
5-Day Package:                                       June 20th - 24th, 10:00am - 4:30pm                   $452.00    $400
4-Day Package:                                       June 27th - 30th, 10:00am - 4:30pm                   $367.25    $325

If paying by e-transfer, please remember to include HST:

PRIMA Package (full 9 days):

5-Day Package (June 20th - 24th):

4-Day Package (June 27th - 30th):

$675 + HST =  $762.75

$400 + HST = $452.00

$325  +HST = $367.25

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