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Irina Lerman is originally from Russia - was born at the small town at the Kamchatka peninsula at the side of the Pacific Ocean.

After graduation from Vaganova Ballet Academy in Saint-Petersburg she joined at the same year the Mariinskiy Ballet, where she were fortunate enough to dance classical,contemporary and neoclassical reperotire and performed in a tours with a Mariinskiy Ballet all around the World - Japan, Chine, Europe, America, OAE,...

At the age of 22 Irina made her first choreographic production at the beautiful stage of Mariinskiy Ballet during the Workshop of a Young Choreograpfers.  

After that, she obtained her Master's Degree as a Choreograpfer at the Vaganova Ballet Academy and got a Silver Medal at the International Ballet Competition in Riga, Latvia. 

During her performing and creating career, she also combined her artists skills into actress experience by participated at the movies. 

Her love for the art of ballet knows no limits and therefore, she always finds new opportunities to enrich her artistic experience, expand the facets of the performing arts, and perform new choreography.


As a choreographer, her ballet productions are always based on classical dance.

2002 - 2011 - studied at the Vaganova Ballet Academy  (professor L.V. Kovaleva, M.A.Vasilieva)


2011 - 2018  - worked at the Mariinsky Theatre, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2012  -  starred in the film "F5", (directed by T. Zhalnin) participated in the Cannes Film Festivals'14

2013  - first ballet production "Lost Cinema" (Detroit Opera House, America, music by Nils Frahm) at the age of 22

2014  - Mariinsky Choreographic Workshop; production "The Mind's Game" (music by Max Richter)

2014 - Performing at the Official Closing Ceremony of Olympics Games, Sochi, Russia

2014 - 2016 - Master's  degree as a Choreographer (Course of Boyarchikov N.N., Vaganova Ballet Academy)

2015 - Silver Medal at the International competition in Riga, Latvia for duet "At the Wings of the Angel" (Music Bach)

2016 - One-act ballet "Symphony 8"  (F. Mendelsohn)

2016 - One-act ballet "Difference doesn't matter" (Detroit Opera House, music  S. Rachmaninov)

2016 - starred in the movie "After you" (directed by A. Matisson) filmed at the Mariinskiy Theatre

2017 - Wayne McGregor Workshop

2018 - ballet production "Opuso ",  Saint - Petersburg, Russia (music by Mozart)

2019 - 2020 - Leading Soloist at the Atlantic Ballet of Canada

2021 - Top 15 Dancers by IBCDC "Domenico Mudigno"