Lerman Irina

2002 - 2011 - studied at the Vaganova Ballet Academy  (graduated course of prof. L.V. Kovaleva)

2011 - 2018  - worked at the Mariinsky Ballet

2012  -  starred in the film "F5", (directed by Timofey Zhalnin) participated in the Cannes Film Festivals

2013  - first choreographic production "Lost Cinema" (Detroit Opera House, America, mus. by Nils Frahm)

2014  - participation in Mariinsky Choreographic Workshop; production "The Minds Game" (music by Max Richter)

2014 - 2016 - master degree as a choreograpfer (Course of Boyarchikov N.N., Vaganova Ballet Academy)

2015 - Silver Medal at the International competition in Riga, Latvia for duet "At the Wings of the Angel" (Mus.Bach)

2015 - trained in the Netherlands Dance Theatre, NDT , Netherlands

2016 - one act ballet "Simpfony 8" for Vaganova Ballet Academy  students (F. Mendelsohn)

2016 - one act ballet "Differences does not meter" (Detroit Opera House, mus. S. Rahmaninov)

2016 - starred in movie "After you" (directed by Anna Matisson)

2017 - starred in  Avraam Russo's TV music clip (directed by A. Igudin)

2017 - starred in movie "Without (dir. A. Kumacheva)

2017 - Wayne McGregor Workshop during contemporary festival "Context"

2018 - premier of production "Opuso" Saint - Petersburg, Russia (mus. by Mozart)

2018 - participated at the Closing Ceremony of Formula 1 in Monaco

2019 - big tour in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, Japan

2019 - soloist at the Atlantic Ballet of Canada

                         © 2020  Irina Lerman. 



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